What We Do

Are you tired of struggling with the complexities of online hosting? Worried about falling victim to online security threats or scams? Look no further! IT-Lab is here to ease your burden and provide a worry-free solution, and we keep a constant eye on things to keep them secure.

Did you know there are nearly 4000 cyber attacks every day. We detect and block dozens of new bad-actor IP addresses daily, and utilise upstream DDOS protection.

At IT-Lab, we specialise in hassle-free cloud-based website and email hosting services , catering to both small companies and individuals without the necessary in-house IT skills. Navigating the complexities of setting up reliable website hosting, domain registration, DNS, email, spam management, database systems, security and monitoring, can all be a daunting task. And there are many little traps to get caught by. That's where we step in to take care of all the details for you.

But that's not all - we go the extra mile with expert consultation services, guiding you through intricate projects designs and setting up secure cloud-based deployments. You can focus on your core objectives while we handle the rest.

Virtual Private Servers - from $18/month

Currently unavailable.
We have a new managed VM and container offering in the works. Check back later.

There is currently very limited availability at an exceptional price of $18 per month, plus $10 for each additional 512M RAM + 10GB HD.

  • 10GB base Hard Drive minimum (Our standard for a decade, that competitors are only now able to compete on)
  • 512MB base RAM minimum
  • Minimum 1/16th share of 2.5GHz CPU, burstable to 100% share
  • Unlimited national & international traffic (within reason)
  • 64-bit Debian Linux
  • Datacentre located in central Auckland, NZ


Website Hosting - from $5/month

We deal with the various complexities of setting up a domain and work to keep the website server secure from online threats, leaving you to concentrate on your website.

Now with up to a huge 10,000MB of storage space for your website and online email.

  • 5,000 to 10,000MB storage space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free subdomains, domain pointers, ftp accounts, email accounts, email forwards, and auto-responders on tier-3 plan
  • Free MySQL database, and multiple databases on tier-2 & 3 plans
  • Online email hosting with imap and webmail access, or have email forwarded to your existing email address.
  • Free CDN