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Website Hosting: 500MB Disk + 500MB Bandwidth = $5+GST/month
Website Hosting: 1000MB Disk + 1000MB Bandwidth = $10+GST/month
Website Hosting: 2000MB Disk + 5000MB Bandwidth = $17+GST/month
VPS: 128MB RAM + 10GB Disk = $18+GST/month
VPS: 256MB RAM + 20GB Disk = $28+GST/month
VPS: 384MB RAM + 30GB Disk = $38+GST/month
VPS: 512MB RAM + 40GB Disk = $48+GST/month
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Do you have an acceptable use policy?
Acceptable use is generally any use allowed by law that does not adversely effect other clients. We retain the right to throttle bandwidth if data usage is excessive or disable the VM if it appears to be compromised. This includes excessive use of CPU cycles or traffic such as sending spam or performing network attacks.

Do you provide an SLA? (service level agreement)
An SLA is essentially a guarantee of a certain level of service and a contract that some kind of penalty will be paid if that level is not maintained. IT-Lab is simply too small of a company to afford a large payout. At the time of writing the VPS hosting service has been running for over 6 years and has had downtime only for upgrades and a single unscheduled reboot. All downtimes have been for only a few hours.