Virtual Private Servers - from $18/month

There is currently very limited availability at an exceptional price of $18 per month, plus $10 for each additional 128M RAM + 10GB HD.

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What is a Virtual Private Server?
VPS hosting dedicates a portion of a powerful physical server hard-disk and physical RAM to each VPS instance. The CPU cores are dynamically allocated to the VPSs as needed.

With VPS hosting you get complete control over what is essentially a dedicated machine. This is ideal for running your own hosting, database or email server.

Resource configurations available.
RAM & HD are allocated in multiples of 128MB RAM & 10GB HD.

RAM HD Price/month
128MB 10GB $18 + GST
256MB 20GB $28 + GST
384MB 30GB $38 + GST
512MB 40GB $48 + GST

Prices are per month excluding GST. We invoice once every 3 months on 1 Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct to keep administration costs low.

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"Discovering IT-Lab was like finding buried treasure. They have exactly the service I need, at the best deal I could find. The friendly team were a great help so I signed up straight away and am very pleased with the services provided by IT-Lab."

Unlimited national & international traffic.
It seems typical for VPS providers in New Zealand to charge $5 to $10 per GB for data over the allowed limit. That scares the hell out of me! So I purchase upstream bandwidth by the Mbps rather than by GB and ask that clients don't be bandwidth hogs.

All VPS guests share available bandwidth equally, so throughput depends both on the path between your VPS and your users as well as the activity of other VPS clients.

10GB Hard Drive minimum.
Virtual 10GB or larger Hard Drive. Partitioned with a single large Linux ext3 journaled file-system for your data safety.

128MB RAM minimum.
The minimal Debian install uses about 30MB after boot-up so even the smallest plan available is quite capable.

Minimum 1/16th share of 2.5GHz CPU.
Burstible to the entire CPU. The server has 4 CPUs, and is expandable to 8, so the share is currently much higher than 1/16, but will never be lower. As long as there are 4 or less VPSs wanting to use the CPUs then all will get dedicated one core in order to get the needed processing done quickly.

64-bit Debian 7 (Wheezy) Linux.
Installed when you sign up, so all the software is up to date. We provide a caching proxy of the Debian software repository. So installing software that any other user has already installed is lightning fast.

Datacentre located in central Auckland, NZ.
Budget hosting providers often locate your data at cheap datacentres outside NZ. We host our service at a quality datacentre located in central Auckland, giving very low ping times.

How do I Sign-Up?

For an account contact me with your requirements, or fill out the sign-up form.

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