Website Hosting - from $5/month

We deal with the various complexities of setting up a domain and work to keep the website server secure from online threats, leaving you to concentrate on your website.

Now with up to a huge 2000MB of storage space for your website and online email.

LAMP = Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP
Take advantage of the industry standard LAMP tools. In particular: rock solid Debian 5 (aka Lenny) Linux, Apache 2.2, MySQL 5.1 and PHP version 5.

Up to 2000MB storage space
More than enough for the largest website. Allows plenty of room for hosting space consuming photos and ftp files.

Up to 5000MB bandwidth (extented for free if needed)
Primarily limited as a safety measure. Although public archive or image hosting is not allowed, we have extended customers bandwidth limits a number of times and have not yet had to increase the cost for doing so.

Up to 100 subdomains, domain pointers, ftp accounts, email accounts, email forwards, mailing lists and auto-responders
Some website hosting providers place strict limits on these resources and force you to pay more if you want more. Not us!

Up to 10 MySQL databases
MySQL is used by more blogging and CMS systems every day. This allows you to install up to 10 such systems at once, each with isolated databases.

Online email hosting with imap and webmail access
Exim is used for email processing, including spam filtering with SpamAssassin, and the excellent dovecot IMAP system for managing stored email. You can access your email with almost any email program or directly on the website with RoundCube or SquirrelMail. Or you can have email forwarded to your current email account.


Tier Bandwidth Disk Space Domains Subdomains MySql Databases Other* Price/month
1 500MB 500MB 1 0 0 10 $5 + GST
2 1000MB 1000MB 10 10 10 10 $10 + GST
3 5000MB 2000MB 20 100 10 100 $17 + GST

*Other includes Email Accounts, Email Forwarders, Mailing Lists, Auto Responders, Domain Pointers and FTP accounts.

These prices include domain registration costs for a single domain name. Additional .nz domains are $3/month.


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